Thursday, April 14, 2011



 When I was a young child I had plenty of patience.
Life taught me to rush, push, go, do.
Fight or flight had replaced patience years ago.

I chose to adapt patience back into my life.
It is a struggle at times.
I have come a long way and have gained much in the practice of patience.
I also have moments where I lose it.
Lose patience with life.
With myself.

When I lose patience with the kids I feel the worst.
They don't understand.
They feel the push, the rush, the stress.
Sometimes they cry.

I stop.
It hurts me that it hurts them.

I forgive myself for forgetting patience.
I appologize.
Practice patience once again.

Watch, observe, learn from the children.
They own the key to peace and patience.

Watch, observe, learn from nature.

There, also, lies the key.
As the maple forms it's buds
and slowy,
turns them into beautiful full leaves.

Bask in the shade.
Feel the peace.

You have to be patient
but it is there
and worth the wait.


John said...

Beautifully said and beautiful photograph.

Karen Wallace said...

Love the photo and words. Hugs Karen

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