Friday, April 1, 2011

He Got Me Good ~~~UPDATED

My lovely and much appreciated readers: It is April 2nd today. With April Fool's Day over and my prank going over better than I ever imagined, I am clearing the air. The prank was on my blog reader! I never imagined it would actually work but thought anyone hanging in through the whole story with even a smidge of belief would surely be corrected by the last sentence. Since that was not the case, I am bolding and red highlighting the last line. The bridge. The one for sale. And now I thank you all for the best April Fool's Day EVER!!! Oh how you made me laugh! Laughter truly is good medicine. 

April Fool's Day has always been warmly embraced in our home. Maybe even over-embraced. This year tops them all. I woke this morning and almost peed myself.

The sun was just starting to rise and there was a bit of light seeping in from behind the curtains. The alarm went off as usual and I went to do my one time snooze hit. This requires me to put one foot on the ground in order to lean over to the dresser and hit the snooze button. I turned my body, hit foot to ground, reached for the dresser and it wasn't there! When my eyes started to focus I freaked.

We are a bit minimalist in our decor and have bare bones in the bedroom. Lack of clutter and "stuff" and soft dreamy colors allows for the best sleeping conditions (in my opinion). Our room houses a bed, two dressers and a few pictures. That's it. Simple simon.

This morning, however, the dresser was missing. Or so I thought. When I looked around my body slammed back down on the bed in a panicked and dizzy state. What the h....  At first glance I thought I was on the ceiling. After I gained my sense of reality I realized the dressers were on the ceiling and the pictures upside down. Seriously???

Holy Crap! It was the craziest feeling I have ever experienced!!!

I instantly woke my husband with a forearm across the chest. "What the hell did you do? You freak!! Ha ha ha ha!" He turned over and instantly started laughing. He's not normally a fun-loving guy. Sure he can laugh at jokes and get in humorous moods. He can be sarcastic at times but one thing he normally is not is a funny guy.. I am the type that will hide behind a door and scare the bejeebers out of him for my own sick pleasure.

Ha ha ha ha! I'm laughing as I type that. Sick. I know! I'm the one who wakes each child pulling a different prank on each as I do. I'm the jokester. The funny guy. Not him.

What my man is? He's crafty. That's for darned sure. I asked him how the heck he pulled off the ultimate of all pranks and he said he installed white clamp-like gadgets on the ceiling while I was running errands the other day. He said it wasn't easy as he had to find a way to get them in the joists (or whatever the heck he called them) in the ceiling so it could take the weight of the furniture (lucky we have little antique dressers). He also put hangers on the bottom side of the pictures and small nails in the wall. Nothing I would notice as I don't normally look at ceilings and the nails were hidden by the pictures in their normal hanging state.

After I fell asleep, he recruited my teenagers to help him empty all the drawers and flip the dressers so he could clip the feet in. They carefully slid the empty drawers in, rehung the few pictures upside down and that was that. Unbelievable.

Men. Can you believe he went to all that trouble just to out-do me on April Fool's Day? If you do, then I have a bridge to sell you!!!


John said...

What a great story, right out of "Lynn through the looking glass":)

What will he pull next year...........

painted fish studio said...

ha! that was the best april fool's prank ever! he'll have a hard time topping that. :)

Elena said...

LMAO!!!!!! OMG your husband rocks! I cannot CANNOT believe it. Either you sleep like the dead or they are super quiet.

Elena said...

LOL I see it now!

Caroline said...

That is crazy! Wish you took a photo!

G-Pride Farm said...

even after readiing the red highlighted part of the post, I was had til you said he put those things in ceiling to hold the furniture. How in the world would you not see them from the bed? Then I continued on and the bridge part sunk in. A good prank if the ceiling didn't have to have large holes and danglings to pull it off. Glad your day was a good one. Our house is full of humor by us all. Live-Laugh-Love my motto

Jaime said...

You are hilarious!
Even though I read your message in red, I still believed every word!
But could you imagine if someone actually pulled that off? That would be fantastic!! It would definitely feel like you woke up on the ceiling!

Well done :)
I'm going to put a post it note on my computer to remind myself to return to your blog on April 1st of next year.

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