Monday, May 2, 2011

Mastering Meditation

It's lamb season at the farm.
Watching those sweet fuzzy babies brings peace to my heart.
Today's news headline brings hope to so very many.

Peace and hope.
Important words.
Light words.
Love words.

I have tried for YEARS to meditate
finding it near impossible to shut down the chattering of my brain.
To focus.
My breathing is not steady and I struggle in that area as well.

I am ecstatic to say I have cracked the code!

Not everyone wants to meditate.
Not everyone who practices has difficulty.
For those who do, you have to find what works for you.
Some approach meditation traditionally.
Some walk and meditate.
Some use visualization.
Some use prayer.

I am going to share my technique in hopes it will help someone else
who is struggling, find a way that works for them.


The term "Let go and let God".
You do not have to be religious.
You do not have to be of a particular religion.
Consider God to be God, Higher Power, Divine Being, Energy.
Whatever your belief.

I have practiced "Let go and let God".
It has been important to me.
I tend to have control issues.
I tend to take on too much.
I tend to live cranial.

One night as I was sitting in bed
very troubled
trying to meditate
I decided to let go and let God.

Something clicked.
I applied it to meditation.
As I exhaled, I thought "Let go"
(let go of worry, anxiety, control, all the negative, exhale it out of your body)
As I inhaled, I thought "Let God"
(bring in the good, the love, the peace, the positive, inhale and fill your body with good)

Exhale = Let Go

Inhale = Let God





As I said those four little words
visualizing all negative leaving with the exhaled breath
and all positive entering on the inhale
I achieved my first successful meditation session.

Call it prayer,
call it meditation, 
call it whatever you wish.
It works for me
and perhaps it will work for you as well.

May you have a Peace and Hope filled day!

Happy Monday!


John said...

Good for you Cranial Purge and thanks for sharing. Great inspirational post!

Caroline said...

You have no idea how important this was for me to read today. OMG... xoxo

beth said...

i'll call it prayer and meditation and then run with it...thank you !!!

and is that your farm with the lambs ?
i want to come visit :)

Karen Wallace said...

Hello. Nice post. It is great to find a way 'into' meditation. It is a major part of my life. Hugs Karen

julochka said...

I'm going to try it, b/c I can so relate to it being hard to quiet the voices (and the weird obsessive counting). but something's got to give...

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