Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pain & Profanity

Been MIA around here lately.
Dealing with massive fibro flare.
Doc informed me I'm presenting with thoracic outlet syndrome as well as fibro.
Another pain disorder.
Yay. (note the sarcasm there?)

Shit, shit, shit!
Just what I need.
More pain, less gain.

Fibro causes complications with exercise
which is quite a shame considering endorphin release helps pain
and exercise helps release endorphins.
So what's a girl to do?

Yup. I said it.

Ever notice how a good roll in the hay (temporarily) takes pain away?

If they have learned to bottle serotonin and melotonin,
how come no one has invested in the bottling of endorphin?
Do I hear a money maker?

Then again, one would have to be sure to make them time release capsules.
We wouldn't want the whole world walking around with silly grins,
craving a smoke,
wanting to cuddle!
or would we?!?!?!!!
(best silly grin representation I could find in my files on the fly... tee hee!)


John said...

So sorry about your pain, however your laughter and humor in themselves are great therapies,wishing you a painfree night and life.

Elena said...

If I give you a squeeze hug will it hurt very much? I feel so badly that you are going through this but your humor is always so amazing. LOVE the look in the horsie's eye. And if you figure out how to bottle it....well just remember us lil folks. If I don't get to email please know I LOVE YOU for all your cool comments to my blog. You rock sweets.

Courtney said...

"Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days"
~Romeo and Juliet

Caroline said...

GAH!!! I am so sorry to hear this. Pain sucks...and chronic pain from fibro is no joke. You are a rock star! So roll in the hay...a lot...plus it's fun! :)

beth said...

sorry to hear about your pain....that's just yucky !

and if rolling around in bed with your hubby makes you feel better....thats so great!!!

G-Pride Farm said...

Gee, if that's what's been needed the last few years I have suffered, I wonder if turning my physical therapy around will help me. I'm game to try anything to ease mine and help me sleep. Thanks for the tip.

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