Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Driving to the store last night.

Darling Daughter: "What are we going to the store for?"

Me: I need to get tampons.

DD: "Oh. (pause) Like the cheerleaders use?"

Me: "What? Um... I guess they might."

DD: "You know. They use them and go 'rah rah rah.'"

Me: "Oh! No Honey. Those are pompons, not tampons!"


John said...

Brilliant.......Just a moments innocence, treasured and it lightens any load!

painted fish studio said...


Caroline said...

LOL... Quite a difference between the two!

beth said...

i think i will now call my tampons, pom poms :)

how great would life be if we could just cheer our way through those ugly days each month :)

G-Pride Farm said...

LOL Not that they cause them to say RahRahRah, but I am sure they use them too.
Gotta love kids, they are so brillant with there words.

Jaime said...

That is adorable!

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