Friday, December 24, 2010

Reverb prompt:
Everything’s OK - What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?  I should probably go with the first moment that popped into my head. I am going to go back to my earlier post about our van trip to Colorado. When we arrived with a broken van that kept on breaking I felt miserable. Sad for the kids, mad at the van, guilty that my husband, cousin, uncle and son were spending days on end working on a vehicle, frustrated that our vacation fund was being spent on vehicle repairs. None of those negative feelings lasted more than a fleeting moment. Everyone came together and embraced the challenge. The kids were happy to visit with family and hang out at my aunt's house. The men bonded over the engine puzzling, telling stories and laughing. The women took care of the kids, the meals, the men, and the chatting. No one saw it as a burden. Everyone took it in stride. Just one of those things. We had down time after a long trip. With the money spent, we changed our itinerary from deep mountain travel with camping, shopping, tourism to a more relaxed itinerary of day trips to closer locations for free fishing, hiking, basking, site seeing. We had picnics, we told stories, we relaxed, we laughed. It was absolutely perfect! 
Knowing that when life hands this family lemons we have the ability come together wherever we are with whatever we have available and make vats of delicious, sweet, lemonade with a recipe full of laughter and love. That truly is the sweetest kind. 

How to incorporate it into the year ahead? Simple. The knowledge is there. Use it!

 top pic: bonding over blasted van
middle pic: fishing up Poudre Canyon
bottom pic: rock skipping contest in the Poudre

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John said...

Brilliant philosophy, love it!

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