Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reverb - Different

Reverb prompt:
December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.    Yikes!...and... Egad!  I'm having some kind of strange and negative reaction to this prompt. First I think... "I don't want to speak for others by saying what might light others about me" ...then "sheesh, if I say anything outloud, isn't that being somewhat of a braggard? What if someone judges me? Thinks what I chose was wrong? Thinks I'm a prude for writing something good about myself?"  ... then the real honesty hits. What I do differently? Not much. Those actions or traits that may seem different aren't all that different. I may feel alone in some of them, but there are always others.  I am a devoted at home mom and wife. So are lots of others. I have a strange sense of humor. There are others. I have red hair like a lot of others (although none I know personally).
Perhaps where I am most different is internally (which is probably not so different either, but due to the fact I cannot feel for others, I feel different). I am aware of others. I am an observer. I notice the old woman in the parking lot who struggles to load her car, I notice the child on the playground who is standing alone with his head down, I see the unbelievable beauty of the woman standing in front of me in the store checkout line.
When I see these things, my heart pulls and swells. I feel for them. I want to connect with them. I offer assistance and load the groceries. I walk over to the child and help him learn the skill of self-inclusion in playground games. I tell the woman how stunningly beautiful she is. Sometimes I hold back, unsure if I am being intrusive. Often times the pull is too much and as if to scratch an itch, I act upon my impulse to connect and touch the lives of others.
I find it hardest when there is negativity involved. Standing in line at the store listening to the complaints about the slowness of the clerk. Do I dare butt in and say "but a slow clerk allows us time to meet fellow shoppers" or offer a compliment on the discouraged woman's outfit to help shift her attitude. Usually, I avoid the negative as I am very affected by the energy of others. I have reached out with guidance, good words and help where I have been assaulted with negativity in return.
Perhaps I overstep. Perhaps I am cursed with a big mouth and no filter. But my heart is pure in these actions and I genuinely care, so I like to believe I am gifted with the ability to reach out to and truly care for others.
Again, not so different.
I guess the only thing different about me is the combination of all traits and characteristics that combine to make me unique and truly ME!


G-Pride Farm said...

Lynn, just so you know, you show who you are in your blog and in your replies. Keep on being you, your one terrific woman. Thanks for stopping by from time to time and saying such wonderful uplifting words in your replies. Hugs thru space to you.

Caroline said...

Oh how I can relate to this. You are a beautiful soul and when you reached out to me...well...that made a difference. A big impact. xoxo

Jaime said...

What a beautiful heart you have. To offer something positive to counter the complaining and negativity...what a marvellous idea! I would love to have the courage to do that. But you know, the next time I find myself in a negative situation, I will think of these words you wrote, and even if I don't say anything out loud, I will bring some positive to my thoughts.
You are wonderful.

John said...

Sincerety, honesty, modesty, caring, empathy and love. A heady combination which makes you, Lynn the redhead, YOU! Very well done!

Life with Kaishon said...

You sound like an absolutely lovely person to me. I'm glad that you care so deeply. How beautiful.

beth said...

your mouth is tiny compared to your heart !!!
i loved this post !!

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