Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reverb - Things

Reverb prompt:
Things What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?     
1.Guilt - a useless emotion that was taught to me by my late grandmother (may her passing have cleansed her soul of a lifetime of Catholic guilt) I love you GW!
2. Pressure - a self-inflicting and useless reaction to the demands and expectations of others
3. Stress - yeah baby. this has been my mode of survival my whole life. it sucks and I abolish it from here on out!
4. Mess - clutter around me causes clutter in my head. four kids + husband = clutter (I need to work on this)
5. Fear - stems from my past - biggest thorn in my side - need to leave the fear where it was created (in the past)
6. Doubt - yup. my little sidekick. sorry dude. you've gotta go!
7. Pounds - shed the pounds, shed the self-criticism and frustration that goes with. in it's place will be confidence, accomplishment and self-belief that I'm worth the effort and deserve it.
8. Debt - holy crap. this is a doozy. Control gained here will help my marriage, my attitude toward money, and the security of my family
9. Inaction - I'm really good at plotting, planning, wishing, researching, thinking, talking. I need more doing. This goes hand in hand with #5, #3, #6, #7, #8, heck! It goes with all of them! Perhaps I should bump it up to #1
10. Perfectionism - Oy vay! Why do I expect so much of myself when I accept everyone else for who they are and logically know that none of us are perfect? The quirkiness and imperfection of others is what I find most endearing. It's what makes us who we are. It's what allows for growth. It's valuable beyond value. I have to accept imperfection for what it is. Perfect!
11. Worry - Yeah. Um.... this one is genetic. I will use nurture to fight nature. I will recognize this is an unhealthy part of my nature and nurture myself with the knowledge that it is damaging and to be done away with.

I will go about ridding myself of the nasty 11 by keeping this list close by and working at it one day at a time. Baby steps. I will be gentle with myself and chip away. Ridding my life of the nasty 11 will eliminate negative leaving room for positive.
 Wow. These are the things that came to my mind to get rid of. Pretty deep. Pretty bold. Pretty overachieving list. Now that I look at it, perhaps I could have chosen chocolate (oh hell no!) or maybe simple words like holey socks, dirty dishes and jeans that are too small. But that would have been letting myself off the hook. I am going to use this list for personal growth.
I think my word for 2010 (positivity) had an influence on this list. It seems as if I have focused on staying positive but overlooked getting rid of the negative at the same time! Would have been a lot easier to bring in positivity if I would have seen the usefulness of getting rid of the negative. Perhaps I should have had a game plan to go with my word! Or maybe I'm just a slow learner. It only took me a year to come to this realization!!!!

 the perfect storm 


Beth HF said...

I could seriously get rid of guilt (Catholic) and worry. They are two nuisances which suck up my energy and serve no purpose whatsoever! I think I need a mantra (other than this too shall pass and oh crap!)....

John said...

Wow, what a post. Recognizing the problem is the first stage, however if you try to fight them you give them power, rather starve them of the negative energy they need to survive, like starving a fire of oxygen. It is all in the mind!

beth said...

loved this and your honesty.....
oh and hey....the perfect was here last night...sheesh, what a mess. it sounds like you guys only got a few inches ???
the hubby is out there right now trying to plow his way through the snow drifts :(

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