Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reverb - Travel

Travel - How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?  This past year was a lousy travel year. We usually get one decent trip out of the year and a few smaller trips (local camping or water park). This past year we were only able to do one trip. It was our nearly annual trip to Colorado to visit relatives. The trip was a bomb!!!! Basically, we spent the first half of the trip doing this...
Our van slowly fell apart on the way out. When we reached our destination we did so with no air conditioning, no fans and a loud van. They fixed the first of the problems. We took it for a drive to see how she was sounding and the radiator blew. Spent the next day gathering parts and fixing the radiator, hoses & the likes to find out the U-joints were crap. Three days into our trip we still had a noisy vehicle, no money and tired guys. We decided to risk it and take a much deserved break in the mountains. 

No money left so we simply drove, hiked, fished. It rained and rained, boy 2 accidentally dropped a cactus in the lap of boy 3 and I had to find a pharmacy high up in the mountains to buy a tweezers to pull fine little prickers out of boy's butt and thighs. There were other minor hiccups to the trip as well but we were able to see the mountains, spend time with family and made it home in one piece. Oh. Except for the van. It's quite a miracle that we made it home. We were grinding so loud! Ends up the whole rear end of the van was out. We took it in to have it fixed. While it was in the parking lot waiting for the part, someone drove in and hit it. Like over $3000 damage hit it.

I also had a trip to Florida in the fall with darling husband. I had to cancel due to family crisis. Hubs went without me as it was for his work.

I do not have much travel under my belt and there are many places I would love to see. My dream location is Tuscany but I am aware it will be well after 2011. 

I would love to visit friends across the miles whom I've never met in person. I have dreamed of the west coast for seven years now. I want to see the ocean and I want my family with me. I would love to take a small RV and travel for a month (more if I could) stopping in little towns, taking in nature's splendor with hikes and swims, visiting farmers markets, flea markets, eating the local fare of wherever we plant our feet for the night. Before I start really dreaming and adding detail, I better get my butt to the store for some lottery tickets! Gotta run!


julochka said...

i've got to catch up on my reverb...i had a bit of travel this year, but not as much as usual either. since i've never been to NYC, that's on the list for 2011!

and i'm sorry for laughing out loud at the van story...the fact that it got hit in the parking lot while it was waiting to be fixed was too funny...i think the universe was trying to tell you to ditch the van!


nacherluver said...

No apologies necessary! Laughter is the only thing that got me through that whole mess! It was a blessing we made it home, a blessing the van wasn't hit with us in it and a blessing that the disaster we pulled up to my relatives with ended up being a few long days of bonding over an engine rather than frustration and anger.
It's all good :)
Yup. and we have a new van now. A swagger wagon at that!!!!

John said...

Great story and of course as you said you can laugh about it now, where would we be without a sense of humor! I remember too when you couldn´t manage to go away with your hubby and all that was happening at the time! Here is to a wonderful 2011 to you and yours.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Sounds the like universe is saying "there is no place like home "

G-Pride Farm said...

Men bond best under the hood and around an engine. Maybe this vacation was for the guys. May 2011 be for you girls.

rachel awes said...

sending much holiday love & appreciation to you for all your support this year!!!, from the north shore of lake superior in mn, where i've traveled to & am now. xox

beth said...

meeting you in person was one of my "trips" for 2010...thank you for your friendship !!!
merry christmas to you and your family ~~~

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