Friday, December 17, 2010

Reverb - Lesson Learned

Reverb prompt:
Lesson Learned - What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?   I learned that I'm okay and I'm worth it. I will apply this lesson by trusting my instincts, purging my inner wisdom, spending alone time. I will delve deeper into self-expression and put myself out there raw and vulnerable trusting the powers that be to clothe me in acceptance and love. I will continue to accept myself for who I am and remind myself that I am enough.
There's something about age. It's as if our insides take the energy from our youthful vibrant shells and transform it into wisdom. Our outsides start to look worn and weathered while our insides start to illuminate brighter and brighter. Perhaps it was the tenth anniversary of my 29th birthday this year that has caused this ease of self. Whatever the cause, I accept the gift.

I spend a couple days a week watching a friend's toddler. She's an absolute doll! As I was watching her play yesterday, I thought "This is how I want to approach life." There she sat on the floor living in the present moment. She was observing, learning and striving to achieve. The task before her seemed simple. Put the right block in the right space. She did not grow frustrated. Her attempts were not perfect and the task was not completed yet she did not feel failure. She attempted, she learned, she enjoyed and she moved on. The best part? She sat in her little dress with legs spread wide, drool running down her face without a care in the world. Not an ounce of concern over what others might think. Now that's living!!!! It's amazing how much we can learn by observing children.


John said...

wonderfully insightful post. I like it!

Karen Wallace said...

Hello. I think I have really learned how to be more compassionate to myself. The more time I spend in 'Presence,' the better relationship I have with myself. Have a wonderful holiday season my friend. Hugs Karen

G-Pride Farm said...

I am sending Happy Birthday hugs your way. May you continue to be you and enjoy you as much as we enjoy you.

Elena said...

Biggest lesson I learned was to trust in other human beings. Sounds funny huh but it brought alot of really good things.

Jaime said...

lol...tenth anniversary of your 29th birthday. I love that.

And I love how you describe how our insides illuminate with the energy of our fading youth. Beautiful words!

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