Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's been one hell of a week here. The down time taken from my blog this week has been much needed. The events of this week have me thinking about time. About how very relevant it really is. As I walk around my house thinking about time, I look at the clocks. They are everywhere. We look at clocks and think, "Oops! Better hurry. Going to be late for school." or "Don't forget about that 2pm appointment." or "Boy, that time sure flew by!".

As I look at the clocks I notice how they differ in time. Some hold true, some are a bit delayed or fast, yet others have run out of battery and no longer tick. That reminds me of a poem I wrote a bit back.

Hands of the clock
Tickety tock
Seem to be mocking me
As I live on borrowed time
I am forever soul
But the mind wants more
Tick tock
Tickety tock
                  ~Lynn Retzlaff

Our time on earth is limited.  The dance cards are handed out, some with more room than others. What do you do when you find out someone you love has a card that is almost filled?

You dance with them. You don't worry about what song is playing, who is watching, where you'll go to eat later, what time it is. You take their hand, hold them close to your heart and dance.

It is sad how we rush through life dwelling on the past, worrying about the future, filling our time with appointments stressing about maintaining perfect houses. A child wants to hear a story but there are dishes to be done. Bills to be paid.

Time is relevant.

"Time flies when you're having fun."
"This test is taking FOREVER!"
"The kids have grown in the blink of an eye."
"Will this light ever change?"

But it's only relevant when it's there. It's only there for a limited time.

I found out someone very close to me has stage four incurable cancer. The amount of time? Unsure.
I will do my best to be present, really present in every moment I am blessed to spend with him. I will dance and I will pray.

May you read this and think of your loved ones, of your time with them. Take their hand, hold them close, ask them to dance. We must practice mindfulness, slowing down, spending time. Real, conscious, in the moment time. Practice makes perfect.


John said...

Time becomes more precious the more we realize that it is limited. So you are so right, dance and hold them tight, enjoy every moment for there are only so many and each, as you say, card is different.

Such love and passion in your writing, wonderful!

rachel awes said...

what else can we do but

The Vintage Sister said...

lovely poem. my grandmother is 94 and we have been talking a lot apout time lately. she knows her card is pretty full and she's counting her blessings. i personally think she'll be around for at least another 10 years:)

enjoy your weekend!!

roseisrose said...

this is beautiful--
you are so right.... I love this post. thank you for sharing dear heart :)

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