Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Perfect Disease

A disease too important not to post about. It inflicts all of us to some degree. 
You can learn all there is to know right here.

A huge thank you to Caroline for informing me about the pandemic that must be stopped. 
You can help. 
Get Real today.

You can also get a button to help raise awareness and fight.

Thank You Dan Pearce
a.k.a. "single dad laughing"


John said...

Yes indeed, great post, when we make perfection a hurdle. The perfection with all its perceived flaws and joys, is in the journey not the end result.

Elena said...

OOOH I have that affliction too! Maybe we can start an awareness walk. Well let me get a bit more physically fit. Ha! See? Perfection. And thank you for your comment to my post. But you can't offer #6 without telling me where! That is so awesome that you own them.

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