Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I work my hind end off lately and feel as if I'm getting nowhere. Life has been busy and challenging, throwing me curves and wrenches. Curves and wrenches? What am I supposed to build with that? I feel as if I've been swimming in mud.
It occured to me this morning to stop swimming and make some mud pies! Take that!!!


and THAT!!!!


tee hee!

Enjoy your messy, fun, beautiful life.


John said...

I know that feeling all to well. When it passes though doesn´t life appear fantastic. St Paul said "Now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face!" I think when it came to the face to face part, they took one look at me and took off! Ha Ha!

Mud pies, sounds like fun...

John said...

Hi Lynn

I posted a comment must be 7 hours ago, did you get it?

nacherluver said...

I did! Thanks so much :)

I have a little one here two to three days a week now that school started. I send my four off to school and have a one year old in their place. Not sure which is more time consuming! She's an active little tyke. Keeps me running (and away from my computer) ;)
I'm soooo excited about our little package swap! Yours is in the mail. Thank you, thank you for your generosity!

rachel awes said...


Elena said...

Thank you for the comment on my post. I had to come and tell you that sometimes that sister bond is discovered among friends or a close family member. It's a feeling of intensity, of sharing, of love... and I LOVE this kitty picture and the previous ones are beautiful as well. Hugs!

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