Monday, September 13, 2010

Through the eyes of a child

It never ceases to amaze me how children see the world. The innocence they carry, the magic they see, the unfiltered reality and honesty they carry in their words and visions.

My daughter walked into the room the other day and said, "Look, Mommy. See my charm? I have this bag to hide it so no one will steal it. Just like my shirt says. Since I am a real live princess after all!" (she was holding a shamrock she inherited after my grandmother passed away which is now her "lucky charm"  -   see #5 on her shirt?)

Holy Crap! Did my heart melt!!! I just laughed and hugged her and said, "And a very smart princess at that, My Dear!"

I always wish I could see the world through child eyes once again. I promise myself to stop and look and listen and slow down. Try to get to their level. Try to imagine. Try to be free of adult worry and busyness and preoccupation. Then I forget and I get busy and worry and find myself preoccupied.

Until a little princess stops me dead in my tracks and grabs my heart with both hands and shakes it free once again.

I dedicate this week to childish expression, imagination and freedom of dreams!!!! May you join me and soar.


John said...

Hi Lynn

Wonderful photograph and the story with it, just kind of fills the heart doesn't it? Funnily enough I was going to try and find your email to reply me to your thought provoking comments on my little piece on Peacemakers.

The two greatest emotions are love and fear, they control everything about us and influence how our brain works. Some people just have a massive chasm inside them which is filled by fear, fear of loss, fear of not being the best etc. Where as Love is the opposite, we nurture others and ourselves, we are free to do what we think is right without the effect of negative emotions. Just like a child who sees everything so simply and lives in the moment. It is the adult mind that confuses things.........

nacherluver said...

Amen, John!

*mary* said...

What a sweetheart! <3

lori vliegen said...

what a precious princess!! hearts all over blogland are melting after reading this story!! many hugs to her royal highness!! xox, :)))

nacherluver said...

Awww! Thanks bunches ladies!

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