Thursday, September 9, 2010

My First Give-a-Way!

I apologize in advance for the scattered condition of this post (words & pics). I have picked up a childcare job to try to make ends meet here and with four of my own and now an extra (1 year old), I am really scrambling to find time for everything.
I joined Shannon at Free Spirit Knits in her "reduce clutter create space" campaign (see button right hand column). This month's theme is "The Basement".
Oy Vay!
The basement. (breathes in heavily and sighs)
Feng Shui has it that the basement represents the past. Getting that baby cleared out not only helps your household function better, but your spirit and mind. It's a hard area as it's often "out of sight, out of mind".
A few years back my husband finished the once concrete basement (I think I may have posted about it before, but no time to look!). My "studio" is also in the basement. During construction, everything in the entire basement ended up in my studio. Since completion I have gotten some items purged, some organized and a lot still remains to be done.
I use the term "studio" loosely as it is also the laundry room, the furnace room, the storage room etc...

Working on my de-cluttering project and being faced with the monthly topic of basement, I can no longer ignore my area as the rest of the basement is clutter free and minimalist already.

Care to see my before pictures? If you are faint of heart, you may wish to look away!

Aaak! and... Egads!
I need to organize and purge as is quite obvious!
In the spirit of Shannon's Generosity at purging,
I am holding my first ever give-a-way.
It is aimed at a mixed media artist, a collector of antique/vintage, or any other creative, collective soul.
I am giving away a vintage collection of Finds.
Included in the give-a-way...

1. Page (front & back pictured) out of a vintage scrapbook of someone revering fine art.
2. Vintage book
3. scrap assortment of various papers (only thing not vintage)
4. Vintage Bingo card, game money, keys
5. Page from sketchbook (painted w/ lady) from a deceased art school teacher (wish I knew his name, but I only know a bit of his story)
6. Vintage stamps from around the globe

I am offering these items out of appreciation for my blog readers and also to get a kick start on selling and using my collection of vintage finds.

I will be drawing a name on Sunday. If you would like a chance to win, please leave a comment and share a little about what you think of my first give-a-way.
Is it inspiring? Interesting? What are some ideas of what you might do with some of the items? What's your favorite?
Please pass along the link to this post if you know of someone who would be interested in giving new life to these little pieces of history.

Thank you so much!!!!


*mary* said...

If it makes you feel any better my basement is much more cluttered than that! It's a huge project that keeps being put off. Cool stuff! I like the first two pics and the keys best. (I collect old keys. )

The Vintage Sister said...

Your creative space has such potential!! I would love to have that space:)

I was reading below and I have to tell you, 40 is great!! All summer I have been using the line, "I don't care, I'm 40" as in ,
My Sister: "Tracy, your butt is hanging out of that bathing suit."
Me: "I don't care, I'm 40!"

Don't fear, 40 is awesome!!!

John said...

My partner is an artist, most of the time our bedroon (good size) doubles as her studio. I am like a bat if I have to get up during the night using my radar to avoid stepping on paints. Whilst I am on the subject, 40 is a dim and distant memory, I am just glad I can remember I was that age at one time, or was I?

Anyway, fantastic collection, your AJ Cronin book, as it is so old, may be worth some money, perhaps you should check that first? It must hurt saying good bye to all these wonderful items?

John said...

My partner Helen has a shop on Etsy which she is currently clearing out, (it must be catching)

I know what you mean when you talk about clearing out, even stuff that could be valuable. Most of the time though the value is to us because it is personal. It does look though as if you have accumulated a few treasures over the years. Once the clear out is done though it does give a great sense of achievement and lightness.

vintagesusie & wings said...

Hi Friend...
I think you thought vintage sister was me, but i still want to win so I must leave my own comment & tell you I'm all about skeleton keys...they're my favorite!!!
I make everything out of them, but mainly I love to make necklaces with keys. Thanks for coming by my blog & offering some good advice about my travels. Looks like I'll be driving...cuz that's the best way to go to this kind of event, I lovemy bloggy buddies & they would never steer me wrong. Thanks for your help & good luck on your 1st giveaway.

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