Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And They're Off!!! (plus a give-a-way link)

Three of my four started school today. Princess starts tomorrow. Bitter sweet I tell you. 

Such a strange summer.
The weather was off.
Our luck up and down.

But boy did we have fun!
(warning: pic heavy)

(1. awesome houses  2. baking bread  3. beaches  4. birthday parties  5. carving shows  6. catching critters  7. evening drives  8. fairy gardens  9. family  10. fishing  11. Fourth of July  12. games w/friends  13. mountains  14. nature walks  15. storm watching  16. strawberry picking ... to name a few)

You made it through!
You deserve a reward!

Rhythm of the Home
is celebrating their first full year of publication.
They are family and earth friendly, full of wonderful information, how-to's, warm fuzzies, cooking, crafting and so much more! 
They are holding a generous give-a-way
so head on over and join me at a chance to win!
(click on the link above)


John said...

Ahhh school time when all you had to worry about were exams, homework, and whats to eat when I get home....
Parents on the other hand.....

Great photos Lynn capturing a magical time

Courtney said...

Love the summer in pictures! It looks exactly like how summer should look!

Cate said...

congrats, mama! i know that feeling of bittersweet. it's coming for us next week. but, still. there is the sweet in there to carry you through.

love these late summer pix. what is going on with the blue sideboard outside. very intriguing.

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