Monday, September 27, 2010

Featured Artist

Mondays don't seem to hold
"favorite day"
title with too many.
Today will be different.
This Monday is a special day
as I am going to introduce you (if you don't know him already)
to a wonderful artist, fellow blogger
and cyber friend of mine.

Today's Featured Artist is John Gibson!
John lives on the Canary Islands of Spain.

He is a talented artist whose work you can find
here and here.
You can learn lots about him through his blog

I was lucky enough to find John in the blog-o-sphere where
I have been enjoying getting to know him and his art better.
He is caring, wise and talented.

This past Friday I received a much anticipated package from John. 
It contained an original piece of art
along with a print of another.
The colors are wonderful, the words brilliant,
the pieces precious.

I am currently admiring them propped on a chair
near my desk so I can meditate on the words each morning.
Soon they will find a more permanent place in my home
where they will be shared with all who enter.

Thank You So Much John!

~ Blessings To You and Yours ~

p.s. John - Lennon thanks you for the fun packaging!


Silke said...

Oh, what beautiful and inspiring art!! Thank you for introducing me to John. And your kitty is adorable!! Hugs, Silke

beth said...

what a gift from a truly amazing man...our paths have just recently been crossing and he really is so wonderful !

can you bring his address to lunch ?

nacherluver said...

If my "mom brain" allows me to remember, I most certainly will!

Elena said...

nacher, I was reading through your blog one day when I 'found' John. He's amazing and is fast becoming a great advisor. I'm glad you shared him here too. (I posted about him a few days ago)

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