Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy Head Cold Hannah!

A tiny bit of a bug
has taken up residency in my skull
wreaking havoc on my thoughts
and creating a misfit of actions.

I spent the entire day (yesterday) wrapped in blankets
thinking it was Monday,
missing appointments,
letting my helpless laundry go stagnant in the washer.

I ate soup, took naps, vegged on a movie
and read books when my brain allowed the words to appear normal.
I whined, I complained.
I drank kombucha, ate garlic and flushed my system
with as much fluid as my bladder could handle (and then some).

If I don't attack the cold, the cold attacks me
and I will end up with bronchitis (again) or worse, 
pneumonia (which I have had three times).

Woke this morning to progress.
That little bug is packing his bags.
Eviction process is in full swing.

I'm sparing you any pictures.

My apologies for the lack of substance in this post. Guess I just missed it here and wanted to say, "Hello Friends! I miss you!"


beth said...

me too my too :(

John said...

Glad you are winning the fight and that the bug has its marching orders!

Jennifer RIchardson said...

keep flushing...hope the healing is happening
at light speed!

Jess said...

Oh dear. This feels in a way like my last random cryptic post: writing just because is awesome! Hope you're feeling better real soon!

Jan said...

Hope you are continuing to get better.

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