Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Man

This is my man.

Scott Retzlaff - chainsaw artist -

He used to fear social situations.
Now he is one.
He used to hide his art.
Now he shows it.
He used to be a lost boy.
Now he's a grown man.
He used to dream.
Now he acts on those dreams.

I am so very proud of my man.
He amped up the wattage in my bulb from first encounter.
My bulb is still glowing hot for him.
I love my man.
I think I'll go tell him that right now.

Have you hugged your loved one today?
Go on. Tell 'em how you feel.
Let's make it an ooey gooey love fest Thursday.



Robin said...

I don't know how much more love I can take in one week Nacher!! But you are one lucky lady!! He is quite handsome!! And how cool for you to see him go thru all that growth---I'm sure your love had a lot to do with it!! By the way, I keep meaing to tell you that "Under the Tuscan Sun" is one of my favorite movies too!! I never really thought much about going to Italy until I watched that movie!!

Salem Witch Child said...

He's a very handsome man! Mine is volunteering at the dog shelter at the moment. But I tell him I love him every single day. :)

John said...

Such a loving, inspirational post Nacherluver, you are both very blessed.

Caroline said... flipping cool! You should be proud...chainsaw art is badass!!

Glenn Stenson said...

He's one lucky man to have you.

Laura said...

Love your little poem there and I really think that's cool that the fencing is there great idea.


Jan said...

What a loving post, you do him proud. Nice looking man too! When are you going to get as brave as Elena and show a picture of yourself? On my blog I refer to my man as Chainsaw man because that is his favorite tool but he doesn't carve. Maybe I'll send him over to your mans web site and see if he gets inspired. I have another acquaintance by the name of Retzlaff and he is an artist too. Steve Retzlaff, not likely any relation. I am thinking that you are one half of a lucky couple.

april said...

Awww...wonderful post!

Elena said...

What a cutie patootey; no wonder your heart is all aflutter. I'm sure you had alot to do with inspiring beautiful growth.

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