Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I want to do something with this picture.
Write a story.
Play in photoshop.
Crop it.
Blow it up.
Add thought or word bubbles.

No time to play.
Going away for the day to help a friend in need.

Any grand ideas for this couple?
What's their story?
Took this photo while sitting in the passenger seat in the rain waiting for Darling Husband to come back to the car.


beth said...

"don't tell me you're melting....
for god's sake, i told you to throw in both umbrellas and you never listen to me"

Glenn Stenson said...

Her eyes are glued on the man who has taken care of her for 50 years. She has done the same for him, but he is watching his step because he doesn't want to stumble now.

Elena said...

She's saying, "Henry, give me your hand and get under this umbrella before you catch your death of a cold and then I have to take care of you and you know I have that trip to the casino with Maude and the girls that I've been planning for months and I can't take the time to be pampering you now...."
As Henry mumbles, "You'll cramp my style...I can't be seen holding onto an old woman." Loudly he says "yes, dear" as he crouches his shoulders and wishes he was anywhere but here.
Heehee ok, that's how my parents where. My mom tried holding my dad's arm to help him over a curb and he told her he couldn't be seen holding onto an old woman. To which my mom roared in laughter asking if he had seen himself lately. He was older. Heehee sorry I'm sure you were looking for a sweet story.

Kola said...

her: "you have the cute hat. i have the umbrella. what's unfair about that?"

him: "grunt. oh Thelma"

nacherluver said...

You guys are the best!!! I am sooooo loving this!!!!

As much as I was wanting to add some dreamy loving dialog such as...
Her..."Norbert, I just want you to know how much I still love you. Thank you for packing me an umbrella."
Him..."You'll always be my one and only Beatrice. Let's go home and cuddle."

That's just not what came to my mind. It was more like silence with thought bubbles.

Her thought bubble... 'he never holds my blessed hand anymore. just look at him. worried about nothing but his leaky galoshes.'

His thought bubble... 'damned these leaky galoshes.'

Elena said...

Bwah ha ha, love your thought bubbles because that's what their body language really says!

John said...

Great photograph. Unsaid words............

Jaime said...

lol @ everyone's commentaries.
Too cute.

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