Thursday, September 15, 2011

Take Note

Uninsured Motorist/Under Insured Motorist
BUY IT!!!!

I am asking each of you to check your automobile insurance.
Because I care.
Check for uninsured and under insured motorist insurance.
You can get a million dollars of coverage for next to nothing.
My friend has it. It's saving her house.

I was gone the last few days.
I was hours away helping a friend.
She is in her mid thirties.
She has a four year old and a one year old.
Three weeks ago she was in a bad car accident.

She was driving home from work (second shift).
She was t-boned.
The accident happened in front of a hospital
less than a mile from her home where her children lay sleeping
and her husband sat waiting.
They had to use Jaws-of-Life to extract her from her totaled car.
Her pelvis was crushed.
She was rushed to a bigger hospital where they screwed her pelvis together.
She is lucky.
She has family and friends helping to care for her and her children.
Grueling physical therapy, lots of pain meds.
Sent home with instructions.
She will need to use a walker for two months.
Crutches for another two.
She can't take care of her girls.
She can't work.

The Driver
A twenty year old kid.
High on drugs.
Blacked out.
He had a warrant and a past record.
Part of his record. Battery. Drugs.
It's the law to carry insurance here.
He obviously has no regard for law.

My friend has under insured/uninsured motorist insurance.
Coverage up to one million dollars.
She is spreading the word.
She asked me to spread the word.

Healing will take time.
Reimbursement will take time.
Her family is helping her financially.
Without her insurance, she would lose everything monetarily.
The insurance will sue the kid.
You can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

Check your insurance.
Consider uninsured/under insured motorist insurance.
I checked. I had the minimum.
I am upping mine to the max.

I had fun with her girls.
I was glad to help her.
It was sad to see her suffering,
watch her frustration with being helpless to her children's needs.

She's lucky. 
Her life was spared.
She's getting stronger every day.

For Shannon's sake,
check your insurance.
Spread the word.

This was the moon at sunrise a few days ago driving to my friend's house.


Silke said...

Wow! I hope your friend will heal completely! And I'm glad she was insured like that. We are, too - hyper insured. Too many who are on the road are not...

Sending big hugs! Silke

beth said...

wow....continued prayers for your friend and her family and now a call to my insurance agent !!

John said...

A salutary lesson. So glad she was insured and so glad she has support.

Elena said...

As badly as I feel for what she is going through I am also so happy that she was blessed with minimal injuries, caring family and friends, and the insurance. Thank you for the message. Looks like I'll be checking same. And by the way, you rock!

Jan said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I will consider this. so glad your friend will still be around to see her kids growing up! We never know what life is going to bring us. It sounds like she has many blessings, you being one of them.

Karen Wallace said...

So good that she has you and others to support her. Thanks for this reminder, I will check my insurance. Hugs Karen

Jennifer Richardson said...

wow....who knew?
life can swerve and change
so so quickly, can't it.
thanks for the good share.

G-Pride Farm said...

Thanks for the reminder. We're covered and have had to use ours for those who think they are above the law and don't take insurance out. And they hop in and drive again........

Jaime said...

Life can change so very quickly. I hope your friend is going to be ok...physically, financially, emotionally.
I think I have that insurance...I'm pretty sure, but after reading this post, I want to make SURE I have this coverage. Thank you for the warning!

april said...

My thoughts are with your friend (and you - she has such a good friend in you) and hope she heals quickly. Heartbreaking, when your life stops and you can' t do the things you long to. I hate that "insurance stuff" - it's the one thing I leave for my husband. Will ask him for sure!

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