Monday, September 12, 2011



Out of town.
Helping a friend.
She was in a terrible car accident.
Needs much assistance.
Shattered pelvis + two tiny tots = no fun.
She has so much love and support pouring in.
Filling in few days family couldn't.
Be back Thursday.
Catch up then.
Love to all!!!

p.s. prayers appreciated


Glenn Stenson said...

Prayers enroute to your friend, her family and you, the one with a big heart.

painted fish studio said...

oh my. you are so wonderful to help. wishing her well.

Elena said...

Great photo. You rock in your providing the needed help. Be safe and well my friend. Prayers being sent for her recovery.

John said...

Hope all goes well for all of you.

beth said...

oh no....tons of prayers for your friend and her family and even more for a quick recovery....xo

Jennifer Richardson said...

loving and lifting
you and your friend
....much get-well-ness
coming in waves
on the breeze.

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