Monday, September 19, 2011

Random Monday

Cool dude.
Knows how to chill.
I'm taking lessons.


Cool Dude Lennon chillin' in is pad.

Not much time to write today but I
wanted to share a few links with you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The always generous Jerry Jones
from Shadowhouse Creations
is sharing some cool free fonts HERE.

The best of human nature here.

The Prez making home brew here.

The best cure for insomnia
is a Monday morning.  ~Author Unknown


Robin said...

OMG!! That video is so awesome!! Had me laughing and crying!!! Sometimes the human race really lets it's best side shine!!

Salem Witch Child said...

Isn't that just the cutest kitty. :)

John said...

Small post but to the point. The cat is definately leading by example!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Monday mornings do
scream for napping,
don't they.
Hope yours is happy,

Glenn Stenson said...

Usually crowd mentality goes the other way. Hope your getting your purr back to 100%.

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