Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm reading the book
(finding the time, money, and energy to live the life you want to live)
Paul & Sarah Edwards

It was published in 2000
and can now be purchased (hardcover)
for a mere $4.74.

It is a good book full of good advice
both practical and inspirational.
I own the book.
I have probably owned it since the publish date.
The pages have been leafed through here and there
but this is the first time I have picked it up with the intention of reading it cover to cover.
I am taking it as a sign that I was not ready for the messages before and now I am.

Last night I read a line that felt rather important to share.

"Without the yearning of desire, a dream is only a diversion."

It goes on...
"Yearning brings dreams to life, wakes them up and plants their seeds in our hearts."

I thought hard about those lines.
I thought, "I dream ALL the time. Perhaps it is the yearning that is missing."
The reality sits in the fact that I have had yearnings but have failed to ACT.
Action (to me) seems to be key.

Quiet your mind for a moment.
Now ask yourself, what have I been dreaming of lately?
Is it just a dream? Or is there yearning and desire involved?
Have you taken that desire and used it as fuel to act upon your dream?
If not, why?

There is no better day than today to start acting on and living out your dreams.

Wishing you a beautiful, dreamy, action filled day!


John said...

Ah dreams............Of course the yearning, the desire is important, some may see this as being selfish and that may kill the positive energy of the dream and yet others have the desire but not the commitment. I really don't remember my dreams to well although I have had the odd dream where it is so intense and alive, verging on the prophetic. So important to enjoy and energise our positive dreams.

Beautiful photograph, love the colors.

beth said...

thanks....i needed to read this today !

Jaime said...

Well, it's kind of funny how it all works in my mind.... sometimes the yearning is very strong, and I go all gung ho for a while...and I make huge leaps forward. But then I fizzle out and my dreams hibernate until something comes along to provoke more yearning. It seems to be cyclical. Perhaps I should be aiming for a more balanced approach?

Dana Barbieri said...

I have that book. I have owned forever too! And yes, I agree. Action is the key. Love the pic of the pansies.

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