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Mixed Up Unfairytale

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Mixed Up Unfairytale
Deep down in Tiny Town there is a house built of cards. The card house is home to three bears. There is Grandma Bear, Grandpa Bear and Baby Bear. Baby Bear is actually more like Pre-teen Bear but we'll live in denial for a bit as everyone knows teenagers are notorious trouble. I am Little Red Writing Hood. I live very near this house of cards and care for the three bears very much.

Once upon a time Grandpa Bear built Grandma Bear a brand new house built of wood and windows. It was a good and strong house with lots of land and love. Grandma Bear wanted to move closer to the dens of the other bears she loves so they sold their little house and went shopping.

When buying a new house the bear family would have been wise to use Three Little Pig Realty as they are knowledgeable when it comes to house structure. Sadly, the bears used a realtor called Tough Luck. They were new to the area and did not know who they were buying from. They also had no clue their new house was built of cards as it was not disclosed to them.

At first life for the bears seemed fairly normal. As normal as grandparents raising a  baby bear can be. Grandma Bear kept herself busy sewing and gardening while Grandpa Bear worked and played tennis. Baby Bear was sent to them by the Wicked Witch of the West and was not very well behaved. It seems as if that Wicked Witch had not treated Baby Bear very well and Baby Bear responded accordingly. The three bears worked hard at making their new life together work.

After a short while the glue on the house of cards started to wash away with the rain. Baby Bear was no help as he tended to be a bit naughty and help the glue melt away by doing silly little things such as running the hose without permission and picking at the cracks in his room. Baby Bear also invites trouble in. I spend quite a bit of time with Baby Bear. He doesn't mean the harm he causes but that nasty old witch did not send him off with the proper tools to work his life.

Grandma Bear felt the house's foundation begin to crumble. The melting of the card holding glue and the crumbling of the foundation was too much for Grandma Bear and she fell off the wagon she has been riding for decades. I have known Grandma Bear my whole life and I have seen this wagon predicament many times in the past. If only she were strong enough to hold on longer, or if the ride weren't so bumpy, perhaps she wouldn't fall. But fall once again she did and she is hurting. You see, she has a disease that causes her to depend on a wagon for survival much as some people require a wheelchair to get around. I love Grandma Bear and will be there to help her up just as I have always done in the past.

The bear I worry about the most is Grandpa Bear. You see, Grandpa Bear has always been a fix-it bear. He is strong, hard working and very handy. He has always been able to fix anything. That is his gift. He seals cracks, reapplies glue, builds things new if he has to. Grandpa Bear is aware that his house of cards is weakening and this time there is nothing he can do. An evil doctor named Dr. Evil has taken away his tools and supplies. He replaced them with useless words like "cancer" and "terminal" leaving Grandpa Bear helpless as his house falls around his family.

Dealing with Baby Bear is no problem as I have four rascals myself. I have dealt with Grandma Bear's falls in the past and have collected many tools to enable me to deal with the current fall as well. I am sick with worry over Grandpa Bear and have never had to deal with one of my loved ones being spell stricken by Dr. Evil before. Dr. Evil is about as evil as they come. No one sees him come or go. He just devastates and runs. The crazy part of his spells is their ability to cause pain and heartache to so many with one blow.

I went to The Good Witch and asked her for a spell to counter Dr. Evil. She was not able to offer a spell so she granted me the power of prayer and visualization. Now, every day, I visualize a hand full of butterflies. I visualize them filling with healing light. Once the butterflies are fluttering and glowing, I send them off to Grandpa Bear where they land on his sleeping chest and as it rises and falls, rises and falls, they radiate their healing light, dispersing healing powers and when they are done, they flutter off. Then I pray that the visualization worked.

Grandpa Bear still spends every day working and playing when he can. He is working very hard to find new tools to fix his house and his situation. I hold his heart and help where I am able. I offer all the tools I have available. Still, I am only Little Red Writing Hood. Do you think you could help? Perhaps you could send some butterflies his way. I know he would appreciate it and so would I.

If something happens to Grandpa Bear, that will surely be the blow that knocks down the house of cards. If Grandpa Bear gets better, he can rebuild that faulty house. He can lift Grandma Bear back onto that wagon and help keep Baby Bear out of trouble. That would be a happy ending for sure.

 This piece of writing was put together after reading a prompt over at The Magpie's Pen. Apologies in advance for not having time to rework and rework and rework this piece. It's a first draft and is probably for shit. I barely found the time to write it in the first place but found it extremely important to do. More important to get the work out than worry about perfection at this point. Thanks for understanding.


G-Pride Farm said...

Healing prayers going out to Granpa and Grandma Bear. Prayers for your strength also. Such a nice fairytale, wishes that the ending is a very happy one.

John said...

What a well writteh story and from the heart methinks! Of course every good story has its roots in reality. I am sure Grandpa Bear lovee Little Red Riding Hood and her loving ways.

A host of beautiful buterflys are enroute so they may bring their wonderful healing energy to Granpa Bear.

Anonymous said...

hi! thanks for finding me and leaving me a comment. i am always happy to discover new blogs. i am off for a wander round here.

John said...

Hola Nacherluver

I already commented when this post first came out but it was during troubled times in cyberspace or I have a time travelling lap top....

Great story and as with all great stories it has its roots in life experience.

Grandpa Bear is blessed with those who love him and he is surrounded by butterflies.

Perhaps Grandma Bear finds life to difficult and outwith her control, fortunately she too is surrounded now by butterflies......

Karen Wallace said...

Very intriguing storyline. I would like to read more . . . Hugs Karen

Elena said...

Simply beautiful...perfect.

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