Friday, May 20, 2011


I went to a little Amish style country store yesterday.
I was out of almond meal.
Waking kids in shifts so early in the morning makes for weary eaters.
Making breakfast cakes with almond and blueberry tempts their palette
and nourishes their bodies.

I also made homemade soup from a smoked turkey leg.
It turned out better than imagined.
Soup nourishes body and heart.

(the following definitions from my trusty Merriam Webster Dictionary© 1994)
nourish (vb): to promote the growth or development of
nourishing (adj.): giving nourishment
nourishment (n):the action or process of nourishing

The words themselves sound satisfying and fulfilling.
Some associated words might be love, care, wholesome, nurture.
All positive.

When we think of nourishment we most often think of food.
But what about other forms of nourishment?
What do you feed your heart?
Your soul?

In order to thrive we need proper nourishment.
The same goes for all parts of our "selves"
Do you nourish your creativity? your dreams?
Do you nourish your relationships?
What area in your life is suffering?
Perhaps you simply need to tend to it with proper nourishment.
Feed your hopes, dreams and desires.
Promote their growth.
Nourish them.

With love,


lilabraga said...

such lovely post...I do also believe in nourishing my family with love,hopes and good food too!

John said...

The food sounds and looks yummy. Great, nourishing post, well said!

beth said...

when asked, i have to say, i probably don't nourish myself enough....

Yvonne - Frl.Klein said...

Your soup looks delicious!

Elena said...

Sounds delicious....great post. I thought I didn't know how to nourish the physical but from your words sounds like I lack some of the others too. Damn. :)

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