Monday, May 23, 2011

What A Pig!

Went on a farm field trip on Friday.
Tried to get a picture of the pigs but they just wouldn't cooperate.
Every time I went for a shot, they turned their heinies toward me.
All I could think was, "What a total pig!"

Ha ha ha ha ha!
I thought we could all use a good laugh on a Monday morning.
Especially after another weekend full of devastating news on the tellie.

I'm off to create something fabulous.
Give yourself permission to do the same.


painted fish studio said...

ha! those are actually some pretty butts...

John said...

Pigs, what can you say............Great photo though!


Hee hee! Pigs indeed.

When I was younger I collected pigs. Not live ones, of course. Figurines, stuffed animals, dust collectors. Not really sure from where my obsession stemmed.

Elena said...

Cool piggie butts!

Stacey Steimle said...

I guess they were giving you their best side, LOL!! hilarious photo, thanks for the laugh.

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