Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creativity Kickin' In

Been playing
it feels GOOD!

Have some gorgeous vintage apothecary bottles
that I put up for sale 

I am finding it extremely hard to part with them.
I want to keep them.
I have been collecting them.
I love them.

Need for income is beating down desire of posession.
My loss.
Someone else will gain.

So I got creative.

Took pictures and played.
Used a quote from
and backgrounds from
an uber talented and generous blogger

Now I have a wonderful picture of my beloved apothecary bottles!


John said...

Great looking items and quote, just the medicine!

G-Pride Farm said...

Here you are. I was getting worried. Your bottles are pretty, sorry you have to part with them. My #2 brother too has this passion. Many are worth quite a lot. Don't stay away so long next time. I missed you so.

Caroline said...

I love these bottles and you did a beautiful job photographing them! Good for you for playing!!! Life is meant to be fun :)

beth said...

so perfect !!! and gorgeous !!

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