Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Prayer

grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

I have come to the recent conclusion
that this prayer was created for those dealing with

Except they forgot the line...

and a whole lot of patience.

The Lair
This is home to my teenage son.
The Lair is headquarters of operation "How Far Can I Push Her"
and related operation "How Much Can I Get Away With".
Both continuous ongoing covert operations
taking place behind the locked door of the command center
with the aid of high tech gadgets and enemy army troops (other teenagers).
Included in said operations are the acts of
lying, treason, blasphemy and stealing
(all small scale but still punishable by death hard time).

Okay, okay, joking aside. 
It's not that bad.
All my kids are good kids.
No really.
I know everyone says it, but mine really are!
As far as the teenage bullshit I'm dealing with?
Mild really.
I don't like being lied to and
I am frustrated with his inability to communicate.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I hear you.
I hear the collective...
"sounds like typical teenage boy behavior to me".
Well then...

Just kidding.

I love my teen dude. He's a good guy.
He's learning and growing and testing the waters.
He's fun, funny, handsome, a family guy.
He still gives me daily hugs and shares with his little siblings
(when he's not harassing them).
He's waaaay better behaved than I was at that age.
Don't tell him that!!!
Of course I had good reason.   ;)

∞ • ∞ • ∞

Every new season blooms roses.
With those roses come thorns.
The flower offers beauty, scent, pleasure.
The thorns offer lessons.
You cannot have one without the other.

I vow for the rest of the day to let it go and play!!!!!
(encaustic piece I'm playing with) 

p.s. my morning has been improved upon considerably
as I found out I won a give-a-way over at Beth's Awesome Blog!!!! 
Thanks Beth!!!


John said...

One of my favourite prayers.

Being a father to 3 sons who are all grown up and now I am in situ fo Ethan 10, I have great experience with what you mean. The only consolation is that as a parent you can embarrass the life out of them as they get older. Payback time is GREAT! :) Not that I have ever done it but I dream about it!

Elena said...

Oh man oh man oh know how I dread the teens. Mine is 13. Stopped hugging me last year. I get a closed fist high five on his way out of the car to school. Talk? Ha! I'm forgetting what his voice sounds like. I like John's suggestion. I think I took some baby pics just for this situation. Hmmmmm....

Jenni Horne said...

YOur encaustic is super sweet! That medium is addicting....just warning ya!

beth said...

i know i know i know......after raising a big hearted but could drive me crazy at any moment teenage son.....i still have my hair :)

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