Monday, March 28, 2011

An Interesting Journey

I was gone from Blogland last week.
Did you miss me?

It was a difficult and trying week.
End result - all is good.

Thank you to my two very special bloggy friends for your support.
You know who you are and I love you!

The Journey
Yesterday we (the family and I) decided to go for a drive.
We were only minutes out of town.
We turned down a road we have traveled before
but took it further than we ever had (which wasn't far).
We saw a road. 
We turned again.
The first address we passed held mature landscaping
and what appeared to be a home ripped off its foundation.

A bit further down was another home.
Big and beautiful
and boarded up.

 Next to that, another.
This one with windows and screens broke out
where the boards were on the inside rather than the out.

 At the end of the road
(opposite side)
was the biggest house of all.
When we first pulled up there was a hawk
perched at the tip of the garage.
Each home had a sign posted at the end of the driveway.

It was a short road along water.
Nothing but the few boarded up homes and empty fields.
A bit spooky actually.
As we left we wanted to know the name of the road.
Someone had stolen the sign.
The road remained nameless to us.
What was the story with these big beautiful homes?
Could it be contamination that drove the owners out?
Could it be the economy?
Failed development?

We decided to head back out.
Just yards down the road we passed a small turn-around and pulled in.
There was a stairway leading down to a lake
where a ghost of a tree lay silent.

Near the path we discovered more death.

We decided "That's enough of that!"
and piled back in the van. 
Within yards we came upon another (much older) community.
Some of the houses were run down yet inhabited.
Others appeared abandoned.

 How strange.
The home was left with half the roof torn off
and a tarp remaining to cover. 
It had obviously been a while since they decided not to finish the job.

 On closer inspection, it appears as if someone has broken and entered
and forgot to close the door behind themselves.
Or perhaps it was the ghost owners peeking out at us
as we peeked in at them.

The whole experience was so intriguing and strange. 
We drove a few more yards and came upon a curve in the road.
At the height of the curve is this mysterious farm
with its mysterious tree trunk fencing
and more NO TRESPASSING signs
assuring us that this was not the place to drop off the kids
for cookie sales!

The whole area was so mysterious and odd and intriguing.
What's the story behind it all?
What a cool low budget film hubby and I could make
heading back at dusk with our camcorder and imaginations!
Too bad we're both chicken shits!

My mind is still running wild with possibilities and stories.
The kid were intrigued as well.
I thought about nosing around to find the history on the area.
Then I thought of how the truth would take all the fun out.

How about you? 
Does it get your storytelling juices flowing?


John said...

You may have been "missing" for a few days, but what a fascinating story to come back with. Very intriguing and SPOOKY! Great photographs too of course. I LIKE IT!

S.E.Minegar said...

that is very intriguing...right out of the twilight zone! at first, i thought failed development, but the dead stuff made me think "toxic ground water"...or something. it reminds me of that episode of the x-files where where scully and mulder investigate a body only to discover and murderous pair of brothers and who keep their mother in the basement. i'm giving myself chills.

Caroline said...

I have missed you!!! WOW...what stories these homes could tell. Sad for sure...

beth said...

you know i would have loved that spooky and odd drive :)

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