Friday, March 18, 2011


Woke up.
Brought Darling Daughter clothes.
She replied, "I already have clothes picked out. See?" 
She pointed at the wall next to the bed.
I looked...

...followed the arrow down to the pile of black clothing.
"Oh. Okay." I replied with smile and internal giggle. 

I went to the kitchen to make lunches.
Darling Daughter arrived.

Yup. She's a pretty cool black agent alright!
God I just love her creativity, freedom of expression, imagination.
Do I smell a lesson here?

Wishing you a fun-filled
"cool black agent" 
kind of weekend!


Elena said...

I don't know which I like better; the cool black agent with the awesome boots or the note w/ arrow. What a cute kid!

John said...

Wonderful story and photographs, i bet your heart was just busrting with love and pride.

G-Pride Farm said...

This is too precious. She is sure the sunshine in your days. As she was mine when I read this post. Hug her for me please.

Karen Wallace said...

Love this!!!! Hugs Karen

JoMo said...

You rock for letting her be herself!

Elena said...

I love the creativity! What a cute little black agent. ;)

beth said...

i often dress head to toe in black.....who knew i was a special agent !!!

i adore her creativity and individuality too !

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