Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Quote

Came up with a quote one day.
Actually, a jingle came with it in my head.

Happiness is hard to find
when you live your life through someone else's eyes.
~Lynn Retzlaff

This is for everyone who worries what others think.
A quote for the inner critique.
For anyone trying to live up to the standards of another.
You get my drift.

Stop worrying about what others think, what others may perceive,
stop self-criticize. Live authentically.
See the world through your own eyes.
Embrace it.
You get my drift.

Hoping it finds its way to the top baby!
Look at the world through your own eyes today
Happy Day To You!  :)


John said...

Excellent quote/jingle, so true.

beth said...

i love positive affirmations like this....thanks for being so talented and writing something so good.....

Caroline said...

I love this...and it's EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. xo

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