Friday, March 4, 2011


Been away.
Did you miss me?
Guess where I was?
Vegas Baby!

First time I ever left the family.
I'm exhausted.

Went away for a trade show.
Stayed at a luxury hotel.
Good and bad in the trip.

food was amazing!!!!
four girls traveling together = lots of laughter
didn't lose money at the casino
watched an awesome band
flew without freaking out (too bad)
trip re-confirmed my love for my simple life

one noise machine + one snorer + 3am bedtime = NO SLEEP!!!!
the place was freakin' expensive!!!
threw out my back BAD
smoke city in the casino
not my lifestyle (out of element)
missed flight home causing travel nightmare
came home to more BS political news (depressing)

Add exhaustion to pms and you have one moody blogger.
The following picture best represents my post-trip state.
Out of focus, dark, confused. Lots more to it. Let the picture speak.
If you have reached this point in your reading, 
I thank you for taking the time. The support is appreciated.


John said...

I am so pleased you are back. So a "mixed" trip really but was it a success for your friend?

painted fish studio said...

i don't think anyone comes back from vegas feeling refreshed! :) i've been there, too. rest as much as you can, take heart that we have spring to look forward to!

Karen Wallace said...

I hope you get lots of good food, rest and love at home. I always thought going on a trip to Vegas would be bizarre and fascinating. Take care friend. Hugs Karen

Karen Wallace said...

Hello. How exciting that you may be able to come to Valley Ridge!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed. Hugs Karen

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