Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kissing Him Made Me Cry

Time standing still tends to be a misnomer most of the time. Time flying is usually more accurate in this busy rush of a world. Caught up in the hustle and bustle, lost to the drama unfolding around my life, sometimes the only way to capture a really good moment is to steal it away.

Standing in the shower the other day, easing the bubbles out of my hair, my husband stepped into the room to ask me about a work related dilemma. Had we been in our honeymoon phase, wife plus shower would never equal work. Settled into monotony, my steamy abyss was reduced to another local to find the person of the house who deals with the problems.

The moment presented itself and I took it as my own. Answering the question with a solution, I proceeded to solve a dilemma of my own. I invited my man to join me in my steamy chamber. Stealing away moments have taught us how to act fast, fulfill need and desire promptly, before capture by phone, child or other such demanding responsibility. After our quick and steamy encounter, the moment hung around. No knock at the door disturbed us. No ring of the phone, nor demanding deadline on the brain. Nothing but... nothing. The gift to linger longer presented itself. I grabbed my lover's face and locked on deep and hard. 

A feeling rose from my belly. Passion and pain mixed in a swirling sea of deep love and longing. Holding him close, his body warm, wet, strong and safe, I missed him dearly. Almost desperately. Realization overwhelmed me. How long had it been since we truly connected? Daily discussions are a given as are gentle touches as we pass each other by. His career allows him to work from home presenting the opportunity to be together every second of every day. But how long has it been since we were truly together? Heart and soul?

Holding our lip embrace I allowed the tears to flow followed by laughter at the insanity of it all. How dreadfully much I missed the man who is with me almost every moment of every day. One overwhelming  lip-lock moment of love and longing, passionate lust and pain, striking deep down to my core. Emotion welled up and the water instantly washed it away. It was as if I struck emotional climax.

I stepped out of the shower, wrapped a warm soft towel around myself and smiled, as contentment settled in for a spell.

Love is good.


beth said...

ahhhhhh sweetie....i love your honesty and am so happy for you CONNECT. it'sooooo important and now that you have, stick with it so you never miss it again !!!!


John said...

Wow, great post Nacherluver.

Jan said...

My wish for you is that you receive blessings like this more frequently in the years to come....but not so frequently that you become complacent about them! Actually, I'll bet you don't become complacent about anything but instead appreciate all the gifts that come your way. And this kiss was a lovely gift.

april said... beautiful, Lynn. How much we take for granted and sometimes just to stop and look and appreciate this person we fell in love with.....

Kim Mailhot said...

This is an amazingly intimate moment that you have shared so very openly. Thank you for that. It brought tears to my eyes and a longing in my gut. It will make me look deeper into my man's eyes today and hold on to a moment.
Love is grand.

rachel awes said...

love is indeed good! ((beautiful))

Elena said...

You have a special gift in that family and it radiates to touch everyone. Beautiful post from a beautiful soul.

Jennifer Richardson said...

heart-stopped for just a second,
this was so beautiful
that I just had to go all out still
in order to let it happen to me.
wow, friend....thank you for that:)
"beautiful" doesn't do it justice
but it's all I can squeak.

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