Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lean Into





Hugs and kisses were the first order of the day as my children headed out the door for their first day back to school. No one in our household looks forward to back-to-school season. It is an enormous blessing to live in a household full of love, comfort, and safety where enjoyment of the family unit is top priority. It makes back-to-school time bitter sweet. There is much excitement about the new. New teachers, making new friends, a new year of opportunity for learning and growth. Not so much excitement is felt for waking early, boredom in the classroom, parting with the security and comfort of home. BTST is hard on mom too. Watching my loved ones head out the door into the big wide world.

Today I am choosing the words lean into.

I am choosing to lean into this new school year with trust that none of us will not fall. Faith the kids will have the best year ever. Lean in with imagination for all that I will achieve during the day. Lean in and surrender to the flow of life. As I lean in I will whisper my intentions of success to the cloth of the Universe knowing it holds the magic necessary to weave my creative dreams into reality. This new year, new season, new cup of free time will be filled to overflowing with goodness. I vow to fill my cup daily with happiness, health, creativity, peace and love allowing my children to step off the bus directly into the overflow.

             Ah yes.





My cup will overflow.


beth said...

i always loved it when my kids left for school as their excitement always made me smile.....

sadly, it feels like a lifetime ago now.....instead, i have children who can move to australia.....ACCKKKK

big hugs to you sweet momma !!!

Kim Mailhot said...

That is a sweet cup to drink from ! Cheers !

John said...

What a great inspirational paost. Our schoolds start next week,Ethan's first year at High School!

I am leaning in..........

Jennifer Richardson said...

leaning with you,
with and for you:)

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