Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seeking Solace

he said
she said
the noise hurts my ears
sapping the life force
feeding the fears

the sounding board
unloading ground
constantly screaming at me
unable to breathe
desperate to be set free

energy affects
ugly effects
thoughts spin
feeling ill
seeking peace within


John said...

You have captured the essence of discord perfectly and how infectious it can be. Yet that peace when we find it...........

Kim Mailhot said...

Oh, this shakes to the core. May peace be there for he and she...

Jennifer Richardson said...

there is none as rich
as the one who knows this kind
of peace.
wishing you long, refreshing gulps
of it
deep into the center
of your soul,

Jan said...

Sometimes, you just have to bow your head, say a prayer, and weather the storm.
Here's to passing storms!

Elena said...

You are the strong ship at sea...A good solid one...not the Titanic. Teehee

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