Wednesday, September 25, 2013


pulled so thin
life's been scattered
emotional overload
feeling tattered

stare at the sky
sun on my face
meditate in nature
my saving grace

finding time
challenge proven
feeling stress
becoming unwoven

open mind for insight
open heart for love
ask for help
receive love from above

wrapped in light
stitching begins
unwoven threads
held together again


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful.

Laura said...

Love it and the image of the comfy chair that's seen it's days...

John said...

Oooh! Nacherluver you have excelled youself..............AGAIN! (Ignore the envy)! :)

Jan said...

Love the poem and all it represents in your life.

Caroline said...

Just beautiful!

Jennifer Richardson said...

so so much like for this!
I really appreciate you sharing
your beautiful heart
in each well chosen word.
thanks for crafting this picture
for our souls to share,

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