Friday, June 8, 2012

Busy, busy, dreadfully busy...

My first born graduates this weekend.
I had full intention of putting out a heartfelt,
well thought out post about this mountain of a milestone.

As would be expected, I'm too busy to blog about it!
Instead, I will post a picture of the pretty beanbags I made for the beanbag toss.

So quick and easy and it turns out the family loves them! 
They've been practicing juggling, playing catch,
and making up various games aside from the originally intended beanbag toss.

It doesn't take much time to make them.
If you have some scrap fabric laying around, I highly recommend you make some!
Fun for the whole family!

p.s. I cheated. They're really filled with rice.


John said...

They look great and it sounds like good fun Nacherluver. Good luck and congratulations to your son.

Glenn Stenson said...

Rice and beans, yum! Think of all things you've juggled to help get your graduate to the pinnacle. You are amazing!

Laura said...

Love your little creations and what a great accomplishment for you Son and the family...Happy Family Partying!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

love your ricebags!
makes me want to toss something
right now:)
sweet art, those.
Congrats to you and your
and warm hug to your sweet mama-heart:)

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