Monday, June 11, 2012

The Day

The day is over.
Party's done.
Grad's new life has just begun.

Yesterday introduced me to babe in arm.
Today a man with wit and charm.

How time flies.
Life passes by.
Hug 'em
Hold 'em
Love 'em.
They'll be grown and gone in the blink of an eye.

Party's Over - Silly string draped abandoned seats immediately following graduation commencement. 

My oldest graduated this past weekend. I'm so proud of him.
The party was a great success and the ceremony absolutely lovely.
I highly recommend placing disposable cameras on the tables of graduation parties for guests to use at whim. I was so busy catering to the needs of 70 plus guests, not only was I unable to converse with anyone, I didn't get a single picture taken! The ceremony was different. Camera was firmly planted to cheek.

My boy! All grown up!


John said...

Definitely a lifetime memory. And well done in organising and surviving the day! :)

beth said...

i feel honored to have met your son and now to know that he's got his whole life before cool !! the silly string photo !!!

Glenn Stenson said...

Proud mama! And you should be, you have collected a million memories.

Elena said...

Sweets I love the chair pic! I'm so proud of you guys...he's such a great guy & looks strong and confident in his pic. Now clear out those chairs and back to business.

april said...

Congratulations to you and him! Good job! Yes, the years fly. Love your photo and your poem. Lots of heartfelt art coming up.

Laura said...

A right of passages and to witness it. so grateful for the way it all played out for you and your family.

Jess said...

Ah, congratulations Mom! My oldest turns 8 in a few months, and I can see now how the years will fly by... eeek!

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