Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Share

I just had to share this fun find with you.
People's creativity never ceases to amaze me!

I found the funnest shop a few days ago.

(Sorry. Had to take a moment to pause and tell y'all that spellcheck seems to think "funnest" is not a real word! Really? How can it not be a real word? I use it, like, daily! Whatevs.)

I was out with a friend of mine (lunch date, light shopping) and we happened upon the coolest set of stores! The Villager is a really great framing shop which also carries work by photographers, handmade jewelry, THE COOLEST lamps made from vintage cameras and musical instruments and more and more and more sweet goodness (wish I would have taken pictures downstairs but I didn't so you'll have to trust me and pay them a visit). 

Then... we saw a steep staircase inviting us up to another uber cool store. I am IN LOVE people! My Apt. @ 429 is sooooo fun! They have gently used vintage and vintage style clothing, vintage kitchenware, books, jewelry and so much more. It is hands down the coolest resale shop I have ever been in (and I have been in loads). It is set up to feel like a ginormous upstairs apartment (more like a flat as it is the entire upstairs of an old downtown building). I wanted to move in instantly!

One of the most creative items for sale were these skirts.

Someone took a whole bunch of men's ties and assembled them into skirts! Some of the skirts had ties simply sewn side by side. Others were designed a bit more roomy and flowing by taking the seams out of the ties, spreading them wide and then assembling the ties together. How fun and cute is that? Do you see the decoupage collage of vintage pages on the wall heading up the stairs? Seriously! The walls were full of fun art, there were dress displays hanging from the ceiling, there were animal crackers and candy sitting out for customer consumption pleasure, and fun signs all over. Example? Sure! Here's one now!

Too fun! 
I know I said it would be a quick share and then I went on and on and on and on and I know that this was an exciting post for me because spellcheck is having a hay day with my choice of words-
-so I will let you off the hook and sign off for the day. In the event that you enjoyed this post and the stores I have mentioned, I will leave you with more fun pics! So many creative ideas here!
(sorry in advance for the shoddy photography, my little digital takes horrible inside shots)


John said...

I am sure you cannot wait until your next visit....... It looks like a place filled with lovely energy!

John said...

I am sure you cannot wait until your next visit....... It looks like a place filled with lovely energy!

Laura said...

what a nice big artist date..good for you. looks like you had a great time..filling the well of imagination.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh wow....kind of gives me this
delicious shiver,
those tie skirts
and the paint on those walls
and that no returns sign
tickles my belly laughing
with it's genius!!!
I LOVE it!!!!!
oh, how I love that:)
(stirs up freedom in me!)

april said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! and what a lot of work to get it to look that way. It's beautiful!

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