Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Makeshift Studio

It's been a busy couple of weeks with more busy to come.
End of school field trips/events/wrap-up multiplied by four (kids).
My oldest graduates High School which means P*A*R*T*Y!!!
Which means house maintenance, planning, mailing, cleaning, prepping, cooking, shopping....

What's a girl to do when she desperately needs, but cannot find time to relax and/or create?
Why, set up a makeshift studio/respite spot
out in the yard, of course!

A nice little spot for the family to hop in and take a quick nap,
paint a little picture, eat a snack, or do a little daydreaming!
Normally this is a play tent. Lately it's been "Recharge Central".

What are some creative ways you take breaks from the grind?

Recharge Central


John said...

Wow, great idea. Like the tent. Reminds me of the summer holidays when I was at school, putting the tent up in the back garden and reading my books!

Robin said...

Fantastic idea!! Takes me back to being a kid. Except my tents usually involve a blanket and my mom's clothesline! There's something so magical about little "hidey spaces"!

Jan said...

How often do you get to hide out in there? Great idea! Maybe I will put one up when the tribe comes to visit.

beth said...

how fun.....
i love our screened in's one place that awakens me when all else is determined to wear me down.....
and our new furniture arrived today....yeah !!

Glenn Stenson said...

I have been hanging out in my imaginary cabin on Paradise Pond.

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