Sunday, June 24, 2012

Step Fearlessly

(To break the captivating spell of a melancholy mood, sometimes all one needs to do is play!)

Sadness presses hard against my back.
A dark cloud.
A familiar shroud.
Life’s big questions going unanswered.

I stop, stare, see nothing but darkness ahead
peering from the crevices of the unknown.
Nearby shadows mock my mood
whispering and beckoning me forward to more of the same.

As I move ahead, pulled to darkness, a reflection on the wall stops me in my tracks.
The source of light?
Angels wings.
They sing their choral splendor of faith, their voices familiar and safe.

A feeling of grace washes over me.
The cloak becomes weightless, floating away, carried by the beauty of the natural world.
No longer seeing doom in the darkness,
I move forward planting firm foot to ground and step willingly into my life.


nacherluver said...

Ugh! Help! I can't get the white behind the words to go away! Any tech geniuses out there??? I click on the "background" icon for the font but there's no option for none. It's been showing up like that lately and it makes for an unhappy blogging experience! Help!?!?!?!!!

Robin said...

Sorry, I don't how to get rid of that white! But it's sure a beautiful post!! I LOVE the phase "step willingly into your life"!! I need to remember that one. You are such a talented writer!

John said...

I have that problem too at times Nacherluver and I still do not know how to fix it. But hey who notices with such powerful and motivational philosophy, brilliant!

Jamie Burch said...

This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! <3

Jennifer Richardson said...

i don't know what to do about
the white strips
but i love it.....looks as if
you've cut strips of paper
on which you typed it
and pasted it on.
kinda cool:)
love your rich words
...thank you.

beth said...

first i'm laughing a bit, as i completely agree with jennifer.....but i know how frustrating this must be for you.

did you try transparent for your background choice ?
give me a holler if you try that and it still doesn't work....and then i'll convince you to take a drive up and we'll figure it out together :)

Glenn Stenson said...

You are an angel of light.

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