Thursday, June 14, 2012


Crystal Ball,
Crystal Ball,
Do tell all.
Who's the fairy-est of them all?

Welcome to our fairy garden!
M's Fairy Garden


seating for four

shh... I see one now!


The boys abandoned the sandbox below the swing set long ago.
After years of trucks and shovels excavating the prime real estate,
Darling Daughter and I thought it was time to develop.
No high rises here! We created a welcoming little neighborhood for flowers, bunnies and fairies! Shh... I think I see one now!


painted fish studio said...

how fun, i love it!

Laura said...

Oh that so cute.

John said...


rachel awes said...

brilliant, to actively invite
fairies, bunnies n flowers!

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love it.
i LOVE it, i do!
that little blue cupboard....swoon.
delicious share,

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