Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Minute by Minute


I had an eye opening first few hours of my day today.
It really has me thinking about life.
The big picture.
The little things.
What matters.

I woke all my children and one by one helped them get ready for school,
hugged them goodbye, told them I loved them and wished them a happy day.

I stood at the patio door and watched the world through a rain streaked window.
The cold, dreary morning was not bringing me down, rather, I enjoyed watching the raindrops race to the bottom and felt happy to have a warm, safe house from which to watch the cold, dank weather.

I sat at my computer to check on my fellow bloggers.
Tears swelled and ran down my face just as the rain runs down my window.
I found out one of my fellow bloggers was just diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer.
Such a talented, vibrant, wonderful woman.
She needs prayers. I am sending them in mass.

It was so inspiring and touching and important that I plan on using it as a morning meditation.
It is touching, inspiring and beautiful.
Visit the link. You will be moved.

Two little hours were filled with so very much.


Make every moment count.


julochka said...

thank you for this reminder, I needed to hear it in an otherwise out-of-sorts day...

Caroline said...

Just a wonderful post! There is so much to be grateful for. I will check out that video...and I am so sorry about your blog buddy. Gah...that is hard. I wish you much peace and happiness this day. xoxo

Glenn Stenson said...

I don't want to waste another minute to remind you how beautiful you are!

Anonymous said...

beautiful thoughts. a much needed reminder.

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