Friday, November 11, 2011

Childlike Wonder

There's something about zebras that bring out the childlike wonder in me.
Their stripes are so bold, so exact, so... fake looking!
I've seen horses my whole life and the zebra looks like a horse in striped pajamas.
They appear to be imaginary. They are entirely too amazing to be real.
Zebras were always my favorite zoo animal by far.
When my local zoo took the zebras out, I was heartbroken.
Guess where I found them?
Near a local amusement park wandering the fields free and happy.
(as free as a large fenced field allows)
I was giggling with glee when I took the park's mini-train ride and spotted them grazing.
I could ride that train all day just to get a glimpse of this gorgeous creature.
Staring at them makes me feel like a child again.
They free my sense of wonder.

What frees your sense of wonder?
I challenge you to find something this weekend that wakes your inner child.
Give yourself permission to play!


John said...

Great post and what a wonderful surprise for you!

Caroline said...

Oh my cool. I will take up your offer to play this weekend too! :)

Jess said...

Surprises that lift your spirit like that are gifts from a higher power. Zebras are incredible, I agree. But where were the unicorns?

Glenn Stenson said...

I wonder if an albino zebra has reverse stripes. White and black instead of black and white. They seem to be the only thing in this world that is black and white.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the way you think:)
thanks for the heartgrin,

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