Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Testing... 1...2...3..

The new year has brought many challenges.

From relationships to finances to family security.

I thought perhaps I had chosen the wrong word of the year.

Perhaps it should be

Then I realized the universe is testing me.
My word.
Amidst the challenges I must keep focus.
My beautiful daughter was born with poor vision.
What the doctors describe as legally blind.
With strong prescription lenses
her vision is brought to normal.
Every morning upon waking
she reaches for her glasses
as the world is just a blur
without them.

There is never a fuss nor a fret.
Not a worry in that pretty little head.
She puts on the glasses
and carries on.

My mind's eye must have been born legally blind.
Thoughts stumble and wander aimlessly around
finding it impossible to focus.
I look at my daughter and find inspiration.
A simple correction of vision.
Acceptance for what is.
Focus and carry on.


John said...

What a great post. And your beautiful daughter appreciates the important things in life, her Mother´s love. Even although Mom may never be a 100% certain about things in her own life that love is always constant. So to is the Great Spirit´s love, no matter what, it is aways there, however it sees the big picture whereas we mortals can only do our best with what we see in front of us.

Caroline said...

OMG...I so needed this message today. Now where the heck are my glasses!???

Susan - said...

Thank you for such a lovely poem. Your pretty little girl has grace.

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