Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Poem

On this Thanksgiving Day
I am not only thankful
but I pray.
I pray...
For those less fortunate
may they feel many blessings
for those feeling pain
may it lessen
I pray for hate to halt
for love to grow
the war to stop
for everyone to know
The love that is possible
is not just for you and me
it is for everyone in the world
it's called equality.

May this day be filled
with thoughts of peace and love
being sent from our homes
being sent from above

a gift of the spirit
riding safe in the wind
may it land in the hearts of those in need
let the healing begin

I pray for the earth
who feels inflicted pain
to be healthy and whole
to be vibrant again.
May the whole world unite
in feelings of love, hope and peace
may the sentiments combine
and the energy increase

Let this feast represent
union of heart
tying love around the globe
doing our part

I am thankful for the ground below
for the sky up above
I am thankful for you
I am thankful for love

~ Lynn Retzlaff

The picture below is from a few Thanksgivings back. We had some cousins over a few days prior.
The adults and children all traced our hands on construction paper and cut them out.
On some hands we wrote something we were thankful for. Others we left blank.
We made a turkey and used the hands for tail feathers.
We took it to the family dinner and taped it to the wall.
The string you see hanging held a pen at the end.
We encouraged other family members to pick a blank hand and add their thanks!


Elena said...

What glorious words! LOVE the turkey and the hands of thanks. Wonderful idea and memory.

John said...

Great poem with with a wonderfully deep spiritual meaning. Well said.

Jaime said...

The last 4 lines are wonderful.
And that turkey! So adorable! What a great idea.

Karen Wallace said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Love the picture. Hugs Karen

Shannon said...

What a fabulous turkey! Enjoy this special day with your family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful message that you sent to me when Stellan was injured.
I will never be able to thank you enough for the love and prayers and healing energy that you sent his way. I will always remember your generosity of spirit.
Much love to you
xxmichelle and stellan

G-Pride Farm said...

What a wonderful turkey idea for family gatherings at Thanksgiving. Beautiful poem. Hope your day was a good one.

Juliette Crane said...

what a beautiful poem and such a fun work of art! i just love all of those hand colors running all over the place!

hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!

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