Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello Blog Land!
I only have time to share tidbits of my weekend
as I'm off to start NaNoWriMo!

Weekend Tidbits:

We parted with my husband's 20 year old little blue bomber. 
His rusty, trusty, old Toyota station wagon.
He's been the proud owned for the past nine years.
It has faithfully allowed him to keep his job
by getting him to work safely and on time.
Now he works from home and needed a truck for hauling.
He did not want to part with his faithful friend but it was time to move on.
So long little fella. We'll miss you!

(Little Blue is now resides with an older couple and their dog in the country)

 Let's hear it for Costume Parties!!!!

It certainly wouldn't be Halloween without pumpkin carving.

Pictured here is our beloved cat Farley.
He's a 15 year old half-persian.
We named him after Chris Farley 
because they're both big, orange and funny!!!!

My husband and I went on a double date this weekend.
We went to The Comedy Club.
Guess who was headlining???

(John Farley)

 (Kevin Farley)

 Hope you had a great weekend too!


Caroline said...

OMG...your costume!!! LOVE. And the Farley bros!?! How awesome! Hope you laughed your booty off!

Elena said...

LOVE LOVE the costume!!! Great photos and now go get started on your few words an hour. You can do this. Ra Ra Ra!!! (Honestly don't make me wear the cheerleader outfit - you REALLY don't want that)

John said...

Great photographs and story. Your husband has a very large hairy hand?

nacherluver said...

Thanks for the love Caroline and Elena! and yup! I'm plugging away at the writing.
Oh and John? Yes! My husband does have very large hairy hands. Luckily not that large, or that hairy!!


Jaime said...

Oh you are making me laugh....first with the cock post, then with that hilarious king kong costume (brilliant!)....and OMG, he looks just like Chris Farley!

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