Monday, November 8, 2010


My weekend theme
worked out so well
I am carrying over
into my week.
simply because ;)

What are you in need of this week?


John said...

Short, sweet,simple AND what beautiful writing on your hand!

beth said...

i think i need a massage....after a photo shoot yesterday with 3 year old, my back :)

Karen Wallace said...

Thank you for your beautiful and poetic comment on my blog. I really need to organize my desk this week. Sounds mundane but it would feel so gooood.

Hugs Karen

Caroline said...

Oh simplify... I love that word. I could use a little bit of organizing in my world!!! Eeek...

rachel awes said...

i love that simplify is written on your hand!
i guess i was in "need" of a new pair of peacock earrings, because it's what i picked up today!! :)

Elena said...

I 'need' to stuff all my girlie in a box and mail it to you. Hee hee. Thanks for the cool comment. Yep I would love trading with you and balance ala yin/yang. Big hugs!

Jaime said... are making me think.
What do I need?

I need a big chunk of time....just for me to plunk myself down on the couch and finish my book. These little bouts of time aren't enough for me to really get into yes. A big hunk of down time. To read. That would be lovely. :)

julochka said...

i so wanted to simplify in 2010 and i utterly here's to 2011!

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