Friday, November 19, 2010

Life (part 2)

I created this mixed media piece the other day.
I left it open for interpretation.
I did not want to influence thoughts.
Interestingly enough, it made people laugh.
Once I was done with the piece, I stepped back and looked at it
(kicked my inner critic in the groin)
and felt a sense of happiness myself.

The piece was created to help me deal with a painful situation.
Someone very close to me has anger issues.
~ • ~ • ~ • ~ 
That's me in that ball.

I was thinking how much life is like a hamster ball full of letters.
I spend a lot of time in my little bubble
pulling letters out of the sky to form words.
Words to create the life I want.

Life in my little ball looks good. I am surrounding myself with positivity.

Then someone comes along with anger and cussing, kicks my ball.
The angry hurtful words penetrate my ball and all my letters are scattered.
I feel dizzy, confused, hurt, insulted.

Until I gather my thoughts and right myself.
Then I look around at the mess and start picking up letters.
I start by breaking apart the hurtful words that have penetrated my ball.
I use the letters along with my existing letters to create new words.
Safe words. 
Positive words.
and I start to feel better once again.

This piece made me feel good. It helped me grow. It made me realize and learn.
I showed it to the person that has been festering in anger for three days.
I thought explaining it would make a difference.
So far no good.

It helped me though.
I'm glad it received smiles.
I'm going to pull those words in and add them to my ball.


I'm off to run around with these for a while.
Happy weekending!


John said...

Such honesty and integrity in all that you do. Sometimes we can only lead by example when words don´t work. Great post!

beth said...

did you have a hamster and a ball...have your kids ?

ours always got stuck under a piece of furniture or went flying down the stairs....

but i understand what you're saying :)

G-Pride Farm said...

I didn't see your Friday post til after I saw this one. Before I read your entire entry, my first thought on your ball was being an open minded person, one who looks before they leap. After reading your journal post, I can see you as that person, amoung close minded individuals. I hope you rub off on those with issues, making life a little happier for all those around you and your ball. I love your ball by the way.

Courtney said...

Such eloquence- in words and art, my friend.

Here's some more ****LOVE***** to add to your words and your world.

rachel awes said...

i love the reality
that we do have
these letters
before us
to create
what we need
& roll them into
something meaningful.
love to ALL your letters...

Caroline said...

OMG...this is amazing. I get this...oh I get this.

Jaime said...

This is really wonderful. It speaks to all of us, as we are all so tender on the inside. But you have created an orb of love and protection around you, and it is filled with beautiful words.
Love this post.

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